Historical pillars from the Belmont's storied past gather to celebrate 55 years

Historical pillars from the Belmont’s storied past gather to celebrate 55 years

The 55th anniversary of the Belmont Athletic Complex in East Franklin Township featured some of the more synonymous names and figures in the venue’s half century long history. Though many of the complex’s pioneers, like founder Hugo Montebell, were not present to celebrate the community staple that began in his vision, the adept hands of his son and complex executive director, Gary Montebell, have helped generations find the majesty in the old hockey barn. Other former figures to take part in the week-long festivities were (left) Larry Montebell, (center) Frank Frances, and (right) Donnie Zack, each of whom helped carve out their own role in making the complex one of the most well-respected hockey arenas — and one of the more highly respected hockey surfaces of any venue in the Greater Pittsburgh region.