A Ford City resident is being charged with murder (homicide) of the first degree after an alleged incident in Burrell Township on Oct. 27.

Police say the suspect, Mitchell John Hepler, 33, is also facing additional charges, including first-degree felony robbery-inflict serious bodily injury; first-degree felony robbery-threat immediate serious injury; first-degree aggravated assault-attempts to cause serious bodily injury or causes injury with extreme indifference; first-degree burglary-overnight accommodations; person present; second-degree felony robbery-inflict threat immediate bodily injury; second-degree felony criminal trespass-breaking into structure. Additional charges include second-degree felony theft by unlawful taking-moveable property; third-degree felony burglary-overnight accommodations; person present, bodily injury crime; first-degree misdemeanor theft by unlawful taking-moveable property; and third-degree misdemeanor defiant trespass actual communication to (disorderly conduct and loitering and prowling at night time).

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